Are you looking to remodel your pool or spa? Austin Pool Builders is ready to help you with your pool remodeling.

Pool & Spa Remodel by Austin Pool Builders

Whether you are looking to perform a thorough remodel of your swimming pool and backyard, or a quick plaster repair or retile of your pool or spa, Austin Pool Builders is ready to help. A pool remodel is an excellent and economical way to get decades more use out of an existing pool.

Pool Remodeling: Replastering and Resurfacing

We are pool replastering and resurfacing experts. When a swimming pool surface adopts a mottled, uneven appearance, becomes too rough, or if the plaster is worn away to reveal the gunite or shotcrete underneath, it may require replastering. Replastering costs far less than the installation of a new pool shell–yet yields an appearance exactly equivalent to a new pool. We offer the full range of replastering options, including regular plaster, colored plaster, as well as aggregates.

Pool Remodel: Tile Reinstallation and Repair

Tile is the design feature of pool that can “date” a pool–did you build your pool in the swingin’ 80s? Outdated tile can often take you back decades. Or, more simply, you may have cracked, faded, or worn tiles. A pool re-tiling type of remodel involves simply removing the old tiles and replacing with new tiles. Often, spectacular results can be achieved by a simple retiling.

Pool Remodelers: Plumbing and Equipment

If your pool plumbing is starting to leak, you may need a plumbing repair. No problem, Austin Pool Builders has you covered. We have years of experience with plumbing remodels. Plumbing repairs and remodeling is surprisingly inexpensive.

Also, the last 15 years have brought great advances in pool plumbing and equipment. Pool pumps are stronger, automatic pool cleaners are more effective, and heaters are more efficient. If your equipment is outdated, an equipment remodel can give your pool years of economical, trouble-free service.

Pool Repair & Renovation: Coping

Is your coping chipped, worn, and faded? We have experience remodeling pool coping in all styles of stone and brick: bullnose, cantilever, brick, local stone, etc.

Austin Pool Remodel Quotes Are Always Free

Your pool remodeling quote is always free in the Austin area. Not sure if we service your out-of-town location? We probably do, just give us a call. Your quote will be free, and hassle free.

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