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10 Most Epic Ways to Jump Into a Pool

The summer days are fleeting in most of the US but in Texas we still have time left to hang by the pool. We scoured the internet far and wide to find the most epic ways to take a dip. The “Leisure Dive” has inspired a plethora of viral memes on the internet and has […]

Dark Versus Light Bottom Pools

Contrary to common misconceptions, the color of a pool surface actually has no effect on the water temperature. All the heat from the sun is absorbed in the top foot of water and fails to reach the bottom at all. The factor that does actually make a difference in pool temperatures is cooling from evaporation. […]

Design the Perfect Pool

Building a pool can seem like a complicated process. From design, to materials, to determining a budget, to finding a builder, there are a bunch of factors to consider. You’ll surely have lots of questions during the initial phases of research, so start by making a list. This list should include everything from contractor questions […]

How to Choose the Perfect Pool Builder

Adding a pool to your backyard is a big decision, and finding the right pool builder can save you tons of headaches and money. Your new pool will be a backyard paradise, so after you’ve developed a good sense of your ideal pool, you’ll need to find a builder that can turn that dream into […]

Pool Tip: Add Chlorine at Night

Save Money and Keep Your Pool Clean as a Whistle Chlorine is used in pool care as a cleaner and antiseptic. Chlorine kills germs and consumes contaminants such as bacteria, sweat, lotions, oils. However, sunlight consumes chlorine. So, after a busy day at the pool, add your chlorine at night so it has a chance […]

How to Maintain Proper Chlorine Levels in a Pool

What is Chlorine? Chlorine is a chemical disinfectant, and is the principal chemical used to purify and bleach pool water. Normally, chlorine is an irritant, but in small amounts, it ensure clear, clean, and safe pool water. There are 3 aspects of chlorine that we must measure: 1. Free Available Chlorine (also called residual chlorine). […]

Swimming Pool pH from Austin Pool Builders.com

What If My Pool Is Out of pH Balance? Pool water that falls beyond the 7.2 pH into more acidic territory becomes corrosive. Acidic pool water will slowly consume metal parts in light fixtures, and can eat away at pool linings and plaster. Conversely, a pool wish substantially basic water wants to “give” electrons away, […]