Design the Perfect Pool

Building a pool can seem like a complicated process. From design, to materials, to determining a budget, to finding a builder, there are a bunch of factors to consider.
You’ll surely have lots of questions during the initial phases of research, so start by making a list. This list should include everything from contractor questions to a list of all the features you’d like your pool to incorporate.

Space for the Pool

Do you have room for a big pool, or just enough space for a spa? Most of us don’t have a couple of acres to play with, so careful consideration of the land area available will help you determine what’s really possible. You should consider space requirements for other backyard elements like a patio and landscaping as well. It’s easy to customize the shape of an in-ground pool, so determine you space first and then fit the pool accordingly.

Who’s Swimming

Is the pool for kids or are you interested in swimming laps? Do you want a diving board, a slide, a volleyball net, or a swim up bar? There are loads of options available, so eliminating those you don’t want will help figure out which you do. Landscaping comes into play here as well.

The Budget

Pools have a wide range of price points. You can be extravagant or conservative, creative or traditional. There is a huge range of styles and designs, so find something that both works and fits into your budget. Another option is to finance the purchase of a pool which will allow you to pay it off over time.

Taking time to plan and design the perfect pool will make all the effort worth it. Ask the right questions and weigh your options, and you’ll surely end up with the pool you’ve always wanted.